Jules Verne School

Jules Verne school project illustrates perfectly the specificity of each project.

At the request of the headteacher of the primary school in Montaigu, we conceived a project about Jules Verne’s works. It had different goals: implicate the pupils in the discovery of Jules Vernes’ works as well as discover hip hop and street art culture. The outcome was a frescoe representing the school.

Together we defined a theme that was linked to the school name and on which we worked with the pupils. Then we proposed a sequence for the project so that we can reach our goals.

After reading and working on some of Jules Verne’s books with their teacher, the first educative part, which lasted for 3 days, was made in class. During that time we explained the originality of “graffiti art”, then talked about the whole project together and made drawings individually. Afterwards, we worked on a model for the future frescoe and we listed different places, means of transportation, and characters, etc. based on the whole work of Jules Verne. Then, we asked the pupils to add drawings to the selected words/ideas. During the 3rd day, we made a quick demonstration and we made an ephemera and participative frescoe about the writer’s name.

The second part of the project was dedicated to the creation of the real frescoe.

We layed out the children’s ideas and sketches so that we had a general idea. We presented it to the headteacher and the council staff. Once validated, we made the frescoes in the covered playground. Once finished, the headteacher and the pupils organised a presentation for their parents, teachers and the press. This time allowed us to show the result of this common work to everyone.

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