History of graffiti

As a part of Voyage à Nantes (VAN), Pick Up Production and Plus de Couleurs, presented a large-scale unprecedented project which was discontinuously placed on the route designed by the VAN.

More than 10 locations have been reinterpretated by 30 local and international graffiti artists: Moko, Ryngar, Korsé, Ador, Sémor, Mokë, Pozla, Arnem, Moner, Meyer, Wize, Mache, Rayzyn, Persu, Pedro, Kryo, Zoer, Shure, B612, Osmoze, Kazy, Quorky, Gripa, Ashe, Sine, Nosika and Web’s.

Graffiti is a living art that shakes up the urban landscape. It “overflowed” its first habitat and conquered different materials. Once the event was over, the majority of the works unfortunately disappeared. However 3 creations have been kept at the following locations: halle Alstom / Cluster Quartier de la Création (SAMOA),  La Fabrique / Trempolino, la Grue Titan Grise / Grand Port Maritime Nantes Saint Nazaire and numerous city centre stores and windows. 

Project proposed from June, 15 to August, 19 2012, as part of the VAN.

Official website: otwgraff.tumblr.com


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