The concept of Graffitecture is between architecture and graffiti. This exhibition explored new interactions and new dialectics between urbanism and those who live in it. The definition of this concept is still open.

The exhibition in Bouffay square aimed for twisting well-known city buildings by reinventing and challenging them.

It has come out of the work made for Nantes 2030 exhibition (la Calle 2) as we mentioned the parallel between graffiti design and building at the HybrideEcho exhibition (TisséMétisse 2011 festival).

We also wanted to think about graffiti cultural heritage and how the works become a part of the cultural heritage.

Moreover, it seems important to us to free ourselves from the 2D mural frescoes to build a living space. As a matter of fact, walkers are able to walk through this work in this neighbourhood undergoing a transformation in order to discover its various aspects.


Under SPOT festival, Nantes, 2013.

Artists: Meyer Moner

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