Plus de Couleurs is a graffiti / street art crew. We conceive and create artistic projects, frescoes, exhibitions and installations.


The artists of the crew have their own style and energy that they use to create many individual realisations. Coming from the graffiti universe and driven by passion, we conceive each day sketches, canvas, frescoes, from our roots to innovation.


We gather different skills that are compatible such as graffiti-art, graphic design and animation and we work with photographers and video makers. We organise exhibitions of any sizes. From the specifications to the actual making, we go further than your expectations, in order to perfect the relevance of the project.


As heterogeneous artists, we adapt ourselves to your needs and we are proactive, whatever the kind, the goals and the difficulty of your request. As far as special events or leisure spaces are concerned, we make your universe alive, from the creation of the sets until their realisation.


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